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Firmengründung in Zug
Büro mieten in Zug
Büroraum mieten Zug

Company address?
Canton Zug

Company address in Zug

By choosing the right location in Zug, you can benefit from tax-friendly conditstions and your business benefit from the worlds best place to work, in Switzerland: Zug

A business addres in the canton of Zug is the best choice to grow and expand in the world. Use the good image of Switzerlands Quality! With a domicile in Zug, we help to found your own business GmbH, AG. Having a distinguished address in Zug and the possibility to use our meeting rooms makes it easier to present your company to customers and potential investers - especially for Startups!

Tax-friendly canton of Zug is the biggest point to save money. With our trustee team of experts you got a background for your company to optimize everything what is legal possible in Switzerland to save money.

Foreign company founders are really welcome!  You don't have to live in Switzerland, we support you in founding your own business in Zug and consult online or personally. You can easily grow your business.


Use our contact form, book a telephone meeting or book directly a domicile in Zug

  • Company address in Zug

  • Domicile address in Zug

  • Business address in Zug

  • Headquarter in Zug

Transparent costs, mail forwarding, distinguished offices, secretarial services, use office infrastructur and professional business presence!


Business address with c/o
CHF 95.00 per month

excl. VAT

Your company name

c/o address

Entry in the official commercial register, distinguished business presence, mail and parcel receipt

Company foundation

Found sole proprietorship
GMBH oder AG 

Start-up your company in Zug

Work with us and we pay your foundation costs of the company fully!

Get our trustee service as general manager, accounting, tax and salary administration and we will pay your bill of the foundation of your company.

Costs to found (free for you)

Grow with us and you will get success!

Domicile address withouth c/o
CHF 195.00 per month

excl. VAT

Your company name

address in Zug

Entry in the official commercial register withouth c/o, distinguished business presence, mail and parcel receipt, possibility to geht a own mailbox label

Trust Accounting Taxes

Our packages
From CHF 59.35 per month

excl. VAT

Our packages are based on your individual services you need. We do your financial accounting, payroll accounting administration with social insurances, VAT settlement and annual financial statements including tax return.

You are now ready to found in Zug? Or move your business to Zug, just get in touch with us!

Digital collaborationi

Transparent costs

Competent trustee Team

We will prepare your paperwork for you to get registered in the switzerland commercial register with your domicile in Zug. You live outside of Switzerland, no Problem. Use our General manager service to setup your Zug Company to benefit from low taxes.

Use our meeting rooms for important business appointments

Save money with company address in Zug

Get your postmail to your domicile and we forward to you

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